In a group, you will respond to the Project Brief provided by Martha & Jesse. This is your opportunity to present your ideas of how the class should tackle the work of the journal. You should feel free to think big, be creative, and not worry about constraints in this stage. 

At the very least your pitch should include:

  • Mission Statement. What is the journal about? Who is it for? What questions does it answer and what questions does it ask? What work does it do?
  • Design Approach. What visual metaphors will the journal use?  How will these underpin, inform, and reinforce the mission? Provide examples. 
  • Sample Layout. Imagine a possible layout for the journal home page. Incorporate your design approach. 
  • Sample Table of Contents. Given world enough and time (and unlimited resources) imagine what might be in an issue of the journal. You don’t need to create the actual pieces, but you can give us brief descriptions, graphic representations, etc. Feel free to link out to stuff that you could imagine being published in the journal.

Group Plan 

Once we, as a class, have decided on the final approach to the journal (possibly by picking one group’s pitch; possibly by blending several together), we will divide into groups to tackle the actual work of producing our first issue. There will be four groups to choose from: 
  • Create. You will work on creating digital works to be featured in the journal. You’ll need to think about what you can create (individually or in collaboration) that will reflect the journal’s mission. 
  • Curate. You will work on soliciting and selecting work from UMW students (and perhaps students at other schools) to feature in the journal. You’ll need to think through what kind of work you want to find and how to locate it. 
  • Build. You will work on the crafting of the online presence of the journal. You’ll use the design approach from the final pitch to inform your process. 
  • Promote. You will work on marketing the journal at UMW and beyond. You’ll need to think through the target audience and how to best reach them. 
  • Leadership Team. Additionally, we will consult with the class to select an Editor and Assistant Editor for the journal. These two will work together to help organize the work of (and communication between) each of the above groups. They will also help determine and direct the potential continuation of the journal beyond the launch semester.
Each group will need to develop a plan that identifies the following: 
  • Goals. Take time to write and agree upon the overarching goals of your group. What do you think you can (reasonably) achieve in the time allotted?
  • Roles. What role will each member of the group play and what will they be individually responsible for? 
  • Milestones. What are the deadlines you need to meet as a group and individually? 
  • Tools. What technology, media, or other tools do you need to find and use to complete your work. You may know specific ones already; you may have ideas of the kinds of tools you need and need to do some research to find the best one. Build this research process into your group plan, if necessary.