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What influence does the container for a text have on its content? To what degree is immersion in a text influenced by its interface? How are evolving technologies helping to enliven (or disengage us from) digital texts?

The internet offers us new ways to think about the tradition of publishing, and UMW’s Domain of One’s Own project has pushed these boundaries for college students. This class will explore what happens when we bring these into conversation as part of an online undergraduate journal of born-digital work. 

We will investigate the history and future of publishing, considering how print technology evolved and asking questions about the methods and capacities of digital publishing. Together we will imagine the kind of space necessary to collect, curate, remix, and comment upon the digital works we are creating. We will solicit digital works from students across UMW, determine how best to showcase them, and publicize this new space to the campus community and beyond. We hope to begin a project in this class that can continue as a student-run journal at UMW for years to come.

Conceptualizing (Weeks 1-5)

WEEK ONE (8/28)

  • Syllabus and Course Introduction
  • Discussion: What is this class? What is the journal?
  • Activity: Getting on Slack
  • Documentary: Lo and Behold

For Next Week:

WEEK TWO (9/4)

For Next Week:


For Next Week:

  • Read Idea Generation, Chapters 5 & 6
  • Prepare a response to the brief (in your groups). Refer to Assignments page for details. 

WEEK FOUR (9/18)

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WEEK FIVE (9/25)

  • Review of results of feedback on pitches; discussion of feedback and titles.
  • Group assignments
  • Visual Thinking workshop

For Next Week:

  • Develop your individual plan for the group (one page, hand-written is fine): What is this group for? What is your role in this group? What will the work of this group look like?

Producing (Weeks 6-10)

WEEK Six (10/2)

  • Final review of titles and discussion
  • Group Work Sessions

For Next Week:

  •  Re-read/Review Books in the Age of the iPadCraig Mod
  • Watch Margaret Gould Stewart, How the Hyperlink Changed Everything
  • Watch Tom Wujec, Three Ways the Brain Creates Meaning
  • Keep working on your group work from class on 10/2: group plans and the specific projects you worked on for the second work session
  • Leadership team: Keep communicating in our Slack channel about what we discussed during the second work session, specifically a topic/lens for this inaugural issue.  
  • Ed & Asst Ed: Keep working on the mission statement!

WEEK seven (10/9)

  • Discussion of reading and TED Talks
  • Group Work

For Next Class (after Fall Break):

no class 10/16 — fall break!!

WEEK eight (10/23)

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WEEK Nine (10/30)

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WEEK Ten (11/6)

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Launching (weeks 11-14)

Major Due Dates

9/18: Group Pitches

10/2: Group Plans

10/9: First Self Evaluation

11/20: Launch

12/4: Second Self Evaluation and Process Letter